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(Re)Installing without Immediate-Configure using Debian APT (via Awayand’s Blog)

19 septembre 2011 Laisser un commentaire

This can also be done directly on the command line without changing the global APT config file with the following option (in my case to install imagemagick on testing):

# apt-get install imagemagick -o APT::Immediate-Configure=False

kopete wouldn't send anymore messages on msn. So I tried reinstalling using aptitude, selecting kopete, 'L', going to the "Depends" section and selecting 'L' there also. No dice, "E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on libstdc++6". So I added /etc/apt/apt.conf since it didn't exist, and added "APT::Immediate-Configure "false";". A little 'apt-config dump' confirmed the setting was active. After that, reinstalling work … Read More

via Awayand's Blog

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