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Cuba sets to migrate to free, open-source software

HAVANA, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) — Cuba has set a strategic goal in 2011 to migrate most of its computers to open-source software, a move designed to strengthen the country’s technological security and sovereignty.

Once the migration is fully implemented on the ground, the Cuban Nova Linux will be the operating system used in 90 percent of all working places, and Microsoft Office will be replaced by Open Office in all government institutions, Vice Minister of Information and Telecommunications Boris Moreno told Xinhua Tuesday.

via Cuba sets to migrate to free, open-source software.

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Cisco, Cloud Computing and Open Source Software

5 janvier 2011 1 commentaire

Cisco, Cloud Computing and Open Source Software

« We are interested in working a lot more with different open source communities as that’s where a lot of the cloud activity is happening, » Lew Tucker, Cisco CTO for Cloud Computing

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